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At PAR Global, our unwavering commitment to fairness and integrity is fundamental to the success of our business. We prioritize equitable dealings with both Suppliers and Buyers.

We distribute products to our pre-approved channels, ensuring full compliance with our vendor agreements. As a reputable source of brand-name inventories, including consumer goods, automotive parts & accessories, we offer these high-quality products at exceptionally competitive prices.

Prices typically ranging between 65% to 75% below regular costs!

Global Surplus Product Distribution
Par Global Warehouse

Our approach lies in selling products on a "pick & choose" basis, empowering our customers to procure precisely what they need, when they need it. Buyers can trust that every purchase from us guarantees new, manufacturer-quality merchandise at the best available price – a commitment we stand firmly behind.

By directly sourcing from PAR Global, our customers gain the assurance of acquiring merchandise at the most favorable prices, a key factor in fostering the success of their businesses.

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